Monday, July 25, 2016

4 Courier Service Horror Stories The E-Commerce World Will Never Unsee

If you have never attempted to purchase anything online, this post is not for you. There are a lot of very good things that you can avail off the internet and we are not going to talk about that. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to buy stuff online, you probably had initial jitters about being scammed or having mangled products delivered to your doorstep and that’s a very valid concern—there are faulty courier services worldwide. At least for the Philippines, there are courier services are almost always totally reliable, but what about items that transit from other countries through other unfamiliar courier services?

Here are some nightmare stories about deliveries that hit the fan.

Wrong Item Deliveries
If you think that selling rare Rock & Roll classics and sandwiching them between pizzas is weird, think about your 14 year old kid opening a package with firearms inside. In North Texas, one Luke Tanner saw an unusual package at the door that he took inside. The eighth grader, upon asking permission from his dad, proceeded to opening the package to discover a semi-automatic rifle. It was shipped from Louisiana and UPS had right after made things with the delivery right.

Items that Never Make It At least surprise packages have their own charm—what’s really frustrating is expecting and never seeing it come. Especially for diehards who subscribe to certain fandoms, saving money to support your idol’s cause or at least be a little bit closer to their branding is your own piece of personal heaven. For some of the people who ordered the Lip Kit by Kylie, heaven never happened. They made paid and never got the item. The system accepted more orders than they had in stock and people got refunded. Still, how disappointing is that to think you’re going to get a limited edition anything just to be told “oops! We messed up. Sorry!”


Customs Seizure

If some deliveries from courier services in the Philippines never reach you, some just stay a little ways out of reach—almost inches away even! This is what happened during the popular Bureau of Customs(BoC) scandal in 2015 when a lot of deliveries from abroad are being charged too much for tax. Have you ever needed to pay an additional P1,088, after every other cost(shipping, processing, etc), just you can get your hands on an item? Elizabeth Ramos certainly had and she has some choice words for everyone’s wisdom on right with regard to how BoC charges for deliveries.

Downright Destroyed Deliverables

Need we say more? Here are some actual footages of handlers making sure you’ll cry after seeing what you purchased. At least these footages aren’t from courier services in the Phillippines but be vigilant of whose hands will be handling your packages from now on.